docusuit_ - Some frequently asked questions

Technical and commercial questions, general information, common issues...

Technical questions

What are the main prerequisites to install docusuit_?

For the docusuit_ backend you only need a web server that runs PHP and MySQL. The integration of docusuit_ within your website does not have any special requirement or technological limitation, i.e. your website can be working on an arbitrary platform: .NET, PHP, JAVA, etcetera.

Can I install docusuit_ on my server myself?

Yes, of course, you can, although you need some basic technical knowledge. We also offer the option to install docusuit_ for you at a very reasonable price.

Does docusuit_ need to be connected to the Internet?

Although for the majority of scenarios you would need your server to be connected to the Internet, this is not a prerequisite and you may use docusuit_ in, for example, a LAN.

Do I need the help of developers to integrate docusuit_ in my website?

Integrating the web forms into your website is as simple as copying a little snippet of code that is automatically generated in the docusuit_ backend.

If you have ever inserted a Google map or YouTube video in your web you already know everything is needed. If you are not familiar with this kind of procedure you may find a very simple step by step tutorial in our documentation section.

How can I learn to use docusuit_?

You have complete information about how to use docusuit_ in the Documentation section of this website.

We also offer remote training by specialized personnel in case you desire personalized guidance through the process.

Can I get technical support?

Yes. You may receive technical support at very competitive prices.

Can my developers modify the source code of docusuit_?

docusuit_ is built around Open Source technologies, so anyone can modify the code inside as long as it is nor redistributed. Nevertheless, you should take into account that modifications of the core that are not "docusuit_ Certified" may complicate considerably external technical support.

I need some special features added to docusuit_

No problem: Contact us through our contact form and outline your specific needs. Our expert developers can help you to further customize your version of docusuit_.

Updates are free?

docusuit_ is continuously evolving. The upgrades to minor versions that basically fix minor bugs are free. Upgrading to major versions that will include substantial enhancements to the library will be available for a fee.

Commercial questions

Returns and refunds policy

2mdc (Narcea Producciones Multimedia, S.L. ) may, at its discretion, issue a refund within thirty (30) days of purchase date or download if there is a technical problem with a functionality fully covered by docusuit_ that cannot be resolved within five (5) business days of the customer request.

To receive a refund you must obtain an Affidavit of Software Destruction (ASD) after our Support Team have reviewed your case. To receive an ASD contact us via e-mail at Please provide complete order information with your request.

The completed Affidavit of Software Destruction must be received by 2mdc within thirty (30) days after purchase date or download.

You must also destroy all copies of docusuit_ from any computers owned or controlled by you where you have installed it. Once you have returned the Affidavit of Software Destruction to us, all licenses you may have to use docusuit_ will be immediately cancelled, and any further use of the software will be an infringement of copyrights as well as other intellectual property rights.

Upon receipt of a properly executed Affidavit of Software Destruction via email, we will provide a refund in the next three (3) business days by the same way the purchase was made, less extended transaction charges from PayPal, credit card or bank transfer, which will not be refunded.

2mdc reserves the right to disable any user account, product keys, vouchers and/or serial numbers issued for the refunded products.

What do I receive when I order a docusuit_ version?

After you complete and send the information form of our website, we will send you an email with our payment options. Once the payment has been cleared, you will receive an email with a direct link to to download a .zip package containing all library files and a license code to validate your copy.

If you have any problem with the buying process, please, email us so we can help you to sucessfully complete it.

You can login and download at any time your package and license from the "My docusuit_ " section of this website. Future updates of the library will also be available at this section for download.

docusuit_ license restrictions

Every copy of docusuit_ is licensed to run under a specific domain (per Domain), server IP (per Server) or SaaS (for SaaS), upon start the library will check the domain name from which is being ran and it will validate your license. You can modify docusuit_ source code to meet your needs but redistribution of the library (source or binary code) is prohibited.

You may not use per Domain or per Server licenses for a SaaS or a PaaS service. Only a package with a valid SaaS license can be used in these environments.

Is it possible to change the domain or IP?

If you misspelled the domain name or IP during the purchase process your docusuit_ copy will not run in your server. In this case you can contact us explaining what happened and giving us the correct data. We will create a new license code for you.

Is the license a one-time fee payment?

Yes, the payment for your docusuit_ copy is a one-time fee without any additional charges. After purchasing you may use the library forever with no further restrictions.