Uploading a template to docusuit_

After preparing our template we should upload it to docusuit_.

First we should login in the docusuit_ back office interface with a valid login and password (click here to check how to manage users).

After login in successfully we should go to Templates > New template menu entry located in top of the interface.

We will then be asked to introduce some metadata associated with the template we want to upload:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Category: (that should be chosen from a predefined dropdown menu. Click here in order to learn how to create and manage categories).
  • Status: active or inactive (you should select inactive if you want to make sure that the web form will not be available to your clients before being properly processed).
docusuit_ - Add .docx

We should also choose the file we want to upload from the file browser (remember that it has to be a document with extension “.docx”).

Optionally you may upload a “demo” or “draft” document that may be incomplete or scrambled so you may offer them for free to your final users so they can do a trial run of your legal document service.

Then you should hit the "submit" button. If there is no problem with the uploading process you now have at your disposal the parsed document in your docusuit_ interface.