Settings, Preview, API keys, Permissions and Revision History


In this section we may manage the general meta-data associated with the corresponding template.

It has the same options that the upload interface but one small but with a VERY IMPORTANT difference: if one decides to change the associated Word document there is a checkbox that when ticked (its default state) will preserve all the previous editing performed in the associated web form.

If we do not check that option a fresh new web template will be generated from the new Word document and all previous work will be overwritten (although it may be recover through the revision history of that particular template).

When one may wish to preserve the edition of the web form even in the case the Word template has changed:

  • The changes do not affect at all at the “variables” included in the Word template so there is no need for any change in the associated web form (it may well be that we have just corrected a small typo).
  • Although some variables have changed the associated web form is pretty complicated and it may be much simpler to modify it to adapt for the required changes through the docusuit_ interface that restart the whole process from scratch.

From this option one may see a preview of the final web form that will be integrated in the production website.

This web form is fully functional and exactly reproduces (except the styling that may be specifically set in the production site) the final web form and also allows to check out the correctness of the delivered document.

API Keys

Through this section one may get the needed codes to insert the web form in the production website.

We refer to the section: how to integrate a docusuit_ web form in a production website for further details.


This option is only available to docusuit_ administrators and it lets to set up the specific permissions for this particular template:

Notice that, the editor that has uploaded a given template has automatically permission to edit and preview it but not to give permission to other users to do so unless (s)he is an editor.

Revision history

Through this option an administrator may revert changes done on a template web form by “going back in history” to an older version.

This is simply achieved by clicking on “revert” on the desired past version:

docusuit_ - Revert to version