How to manage the uploaded template in docusuit_

Once the template has been uploaded it is available via the Templates main menu entry.

After clicking on Templates one arrives to the template repository main page.

You may browse its contents via the “folder tree” located on the left or using the search box located at the top.

Once you have located the desired template you are offered 6 different options:

  • Edit: this option will take you to the interface that will allow you to manage the display of the associated web form: labels, tips, validation, order of appearance of the fields, headings, tabs, etcetera.
  • Delete: do not hit this option unless you are sure that you want to get rid of that template
  • Settings: This option will take you to an interface where you can change the associated metadata, the category where the template was included, or even the actual template (use that option carefully if you do not want to lose some of your previous work done through the edit interface).
  • Preview: Will let you test the web form associated with that template and check that the corresponding final document is properly generated.
  • API Keys: this option will take you to an interface where you can extract all the required info to export the associated web form to the “production website” where the final users will fulfill it and download the final document.
  • Administrate: through this interface one may administer the user permissions regarding that template as well as revert to a previous version in case there has been an error or some information has been lost.

Let us now cover all this options in deeper detail in the next section.