Installing docusuit_

Once you tested your PHP 5 and MySQL 5 installation (usually the default installations will do) you may start to install the docusuit_ package on your server.

The required steps are extremely simple:

  • Upload the docusuit_ files to your server. You may decompress locally the package on your local computer and upload the files to the server or upload the compressed package to the server and uncompressed it in the chosen folder.
  • You should respect the folder structure of the application if you do want unexpected behavior.
  • You may be able to access docusuit_ from a web browser so you have to upload the files to a public folder. For the sake of this tutorial we will assume that you have used the default package name: docusuit_.
  • You should set the permissions to the “/var/www/docusuit/files” folder to 775 or 777 so any user off the application can upload and read the required templates.
  • Now you should edit the configuration file: docusuit/includes/params.php with any plain text editor. You should change the following configuration parameters:
    • define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); //database server

      If required, change “localhost” by the database address. You can write the corresponding IP or URL of your database server.

    • define('DB_USER', 'docusuit'); //database user

      Change “docusuit” by the username of your database. This user should have enough initial permissions to create databases, tables, edit records, etcetera.

    • define('DB_PASSWORD', 'docusuit'); //password

      Change “docusuit” by the password of your database.

    • define('DB_DATABASE', 'docusuit'); //database

      If required, change “docusuit” by the name of the database you want to use for the application. You may use an existing database if not the installer will try to create it. If you can not create your own database you should configure the following parameter to avoid potential conflicts with other apps.

    • define('DB_TABLESPREFIX', ''); //tables prefix

      Change“” with the prefix you wish to use for the application tables. This is a must if you can not install a new database for docusuit_. If, for example, you use the “ldx_” prefix all the tables created by the application will include those characters so there is no conflict with other tables already included in the database.

Once you have made this changes you may proceed to the online installation.

Online installation

Open your favourite browser and type the following URL:


Here we are assuming that you installed docusuit_ in the root folder of your web server public directory and that the name of the folder is docusuit_.

The installer will configure the database following the configuration parameters found in “params.php”.

The installation process may take a few seconds. Please, be patient.

When the online installation finishes it will indicate you that you may now use the application with the provided initial user and password (that you should afterwards change for security reasons).

Whenever the installation is completed we recommend to delete the docusuit/install folder because it can be used inadvertedly or by a malicious user to remove all data of your current installation.