docusuit_ - Mainly requirements


docusuit_ is a web application defined to work on the Internet or in LANs (Local Area Networks). Like any other web application to install docusuit_ needs to be installed on a web server. There are no restrictions on the web server as long as it may run PHP 5. Nevertheless, we recommend Apache 2 because has been the platform more thoroughly tested. As commented before docusuit_ requires PHP 5 with a series of modules activated. These modules usually come activated by default but just in case we enumerate them below:

  • dom. Document Object Model. It allows for the server side manipulation of XML/HTML.
  • mbstring. MultiByte STRINGs. It allows for the manipulation of multibyte character strings.
  • mysqli. MYSQL Improved. The metadata associated with the Word templates is stored in a MySQL database. If only the extension "mysql" is active the application would still work but some of the security features may be compromised.
  • pcre. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions.
  • session. Session management.
  • zip. The .docx format is based on the Open Package Convention: basically a bunch of zipped XML files so this extension is a must.

Although not strictly necessary we also recommend the activation of:

  • tidy. It allows for the cleaning of HTML code to make sure it validates. It is used for the cleaning and validation of the text inserted in textareas with rich text format (WYSIWYG editors)

As stated above these extensions or modules are activated by default in a typical Apache 2 + PHP 5 installation. We include this information to facilitate the debugging in case of errors.

You may run check.php to make sure that all required extensions are installed.

If any of these extensions is not available in your web server you should activate them or ask your hosting provider to activate them for you.

We recommend the following configuration of your php.ini file:

  • display_errors = Off To avoid any error to be shown on screen. You may activate the error display to On for installation/testing purposes but we recommend to deactivate it to avoid interferences with the document download process.
  • file_uploads = On You need to upload your templates to the server.
  • max_execution_time = 300 This is a pretty high value recommended only if you are going to process very elaborated legal documents.
  • memory_limit = 512M This is again a high value recommended only if you plan to generate very sophisticated and long legal documents.
  • upload_max_filesize = 2M This is the maximum size limit for the upload templates to the server. If you are planning to upload larger documents (more than 2 MB) you should, of course, increase proportionally that limit.

We used the name of the configuration variables as they appear in a typical Apache 2 + PHP 5 platform. One may expect slight differences in other platforms.


docusuit_ uses MySQL databases to store all the metadata associated with templates as well as user information and roles.

If you need to use a different database because of other technical requirements this can be done but it requires a customization process. Please, contact Support.

The default installation requires MySQL 5 or higher and the “mysqli” extension of PHP 5.