Integration of docusuit_ Document Generation engine

The final purpose of docusuit_ is to offer a simple and direct way to deliver personalized legal documents via a website.

This will normally requires to integrate the web forms generated by docusuit_ in the clients web platform (or in a SaaS or PaaS) allowing the final users to retrieve the documents generated through them.

docusuit_ offers different methods that adapt to the specific needs of the myriad of its potential users.

There are mainly two different ways of integration, with each of them offering different options:

  • Weak integration: via AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Strong integration: via PHP, JAVA or ASP (although docusuit_ requires PHP to run that is not a prerequisite for the websites that will host the web forms and documents generated via docusuit_).

Both solutions are very simple to use and do not require more than very basic knowledge of standard web technologies.