Change the default password

The first thing to do is changing the default installation password because of obvious security reasons.

Open docusuit_ and introduce the default user and password that was given at the end of the installation process.

Go to the “Manage users” section (that you may access from the top menu) and edit your user (click on “Edit” under your username).

Write first the new “Password” and confirm it with “Confirm Password” , then click on the “Update” button.

You may then logout and try your new password.

Your first template

Open your docusuit_ interface:

docusuit_ - Step 1

Although you have at your disposal a much more complete tutorial on how to use docusuit_, we propose you here to run a first test to check out that everything Works as it should.

First create an empty Word (test.docx) document. Open it and write the following text:

                                            My first docusuit_ template!
                                            My $TEXT_first$ variable!

Save the document in your desktop environment.

In your docusuit_ user interface click on the Templates > New template entry located in the top menu.

docusuit_ - Step 2

Fill the form with the corresponding metadata, include your template and press “Submit”.

After docusuit_ has processed your info you will be redirected to the template edition page.

docusuit_ - Step 3

Include the label you wish and and a tip or some validation condition. Save your changes and click on the “preview button” located on top.

docusuit_ - Step 4 docusuit_ - Step 5

Fill the corresponding web form and hit “Submit”. You should get a Word document with the info you just included.

Your Word document will be ready when you open it.

docusuit_ - Step 7